I am Yvonne Sammer, your specialist for "tuning" your individual business presence. My clients are women in business with high standards. These women want to move forward with determination on their professional track to success and want to stand out in the crowd. After more than 1000 hours on stage, I have identified effective tools so you can present yourself authentically and powerfully, as well as communicate successfully. Let's bring more power and competence to your performance!

Our economy is dominated by men. If we lived in a world of equality, women would run half of all businesses and countries, and men would run half of all households. Instead, women still face the challenge of incorporating family and careers. Let us actively shape the business world and become financially independent precisely because we love both - our children and our professions.

My goals for women are:

  • to recognize their entrepreneurial potential and show their expertise
  • to act confidently and successfully position their own brand
  • to believe in themselves and have the courage to take initiative
  • to use the power of language and to not leave their impact to chance
  • to recognize their value and dare to charge a fair wage for their work