Our economy is run by men. I have experienced this as a child as well as later on during my professional years. I grew up in the countryside with my family – including 6 brothers and 1 sister – running the family business. A traditional allocation of roles was pre-determined at home and has therefore always been a big topic for me. My brothers still say today, "We would never want to marry a woman like you" – a comment of which I am admittedly very proud because it confirms the feminist in me.

I owe it to my curiosity and drive that at a young age I packed a suitcase more than once and set out to discover the world (as an au pair in America, volunteer in London, work & travel around the world). Since then, I have been fascinated by other cultures, by the many possibilities that exist for us and by the stories that life writes. Perhaps it is one of the reasons why I also worked as a socialworker for many years.

"How do I wear a skirt

and still keep my pants on?"


As an event moderator, I ventured into entrepreneurship, full of drive and conviction to be "inundated with engagements." I was like many young entrepreneurs, full of illusions - but without a concrete plan. At the beginning, I wanted to please everyone and struggled to charge a reasonable price for my services. Soon, I realized that this was a drive with my handbrake still on (I was stealing my own momentum) and that I had to change quickly and make a u-turn if I wanted to be successful.


Today, I look back fondly at more than 1000 hours on stage, numerous business seminars and face to face tuning sessions. Today, more than ever, I know what matters in business. It takes your uniqueness, clear positioning and appropriate expertise in order to be able to provide the customers with added value. I am absolutely convinced that authentic individuals, who  act powerfully, will benefit in their businesses due to applying these skills.

My goal is for business women to recognize their entrepreneurial potential, to boldly walk their paths and to redefine the limits of what is possible. Find out more in Women's BusinessTuning.